5 Foods you Should Avoid While Pregnant| Pregnancy Guide


Not all types of foods are good for people and that list is even narrower when you are pregnant. While some foods like berries are good for you, others might not. So, you might wonder if your favorite dish is also on that list. Let’s look at the 5 foods you should avoid while pregnant.

Raw Meat and Fish

Yes, raw meat is always on top of the list of the foods you should avoid. It means that sadly steaks are off your menu. For a simple reason, the risk of contamination is too big when you consume something that isn’t cooked

Sushi is also a terrible option for a pregnant woman’s diet. Sushi is raw fish like salmon which could contain small parasitic worms, which can make you or your baby unwell.

Sad to say, raw eggs are no exception because of the potential exposure to Salmonella. You probably don’t think that you ever would eat raw eggs. But, you’ll be surprised to learn that raw eggs can be found in mayonnaise or even in a chocolate mousse!

Deli Meats

This type of meat has been known to be contaminated with listeria which could cause a miscarriage. Another reason is the deli meat products are high in sodium. A high-salt diet during pregnancy can affect your baby during pregnancy. But if you are pregnant and still crave for some dishes that contain deli meat then you should reheat the meat to cook out any unwanted bacteria. Plus, using alternatives to deli meats is not a bad option.

Contaminated fish

Mercury is very bad for human health, especially for pregnant women. One thing you should know is that some fish concentrate this toxic chemical in their body. In addition, consuming mercury while you are pregnant could link to developmental delays and brain damage. Nowadays, with the increase of industrial waste to the environment, most lakes and rivers may be exposed to high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls which have been known for liver damage. Therefore, some fish are listed to be highly contaminated and shouldn’t be eaten for the health of you and your precious baby. It’s highly advised that you check up on which fish are safe for you to eat.


The main reason to avoid shellfish is in case it’s undercooked. Even though cooking does help to prevent some dangerous infections. We especially recommend you to avoid raw shellfish as much as possible because shellfish can carry a huge risk not only to pregnant women but to everyone.

Unpasteurized Cheeses, Milk and Juice

Some dairy products like soft cheeses can contain listeria that can cause infection. For example, some cheeses like Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Feta, and Gorgonzola should be avoided. And the same goes for unpasteurized milk and juice.

Well, there are moments when you might want to spoil yourself by eating some of these foods. But, for the benefits of the angle in your tummy, just try to hold that desire a little bit. You can do it, mothers!!! We believe in you.


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