BabyOutlet Review: The Best Online Site for Cheap Baby Clothes?


With so many styles, colors, and brands for children’s clothes on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one for your little one. So, I’ve done some research and tested out many trusted brands that are suggested by many moms in order to give you the most honest reviews. This time, let’s visit BabyOutlet – one of the most affordable baby clothing brands I’ve tried and see if it is really the one you’re looking for.

Before I tell you about my reviews and experiences with this brand, I want to share something first. A couple of weeks ago, a mother of two beautiful girls that I’m friends with asked me for online shop suggestions due to the return of Covid-19 in the US. 

She didn’t want to go out at all for her children’s safety. And, picking out baby clothes for her newborn between tons of brands online seems a bit too much. So, of course, I had to help! Based on my experiences with many baby clothing brands, I immediately recommended BabyOulet. Here are the reasons why.

First Impressions

If you’re not familiar with the brand, BabyOutlet is a good-quality children’s brand that focuses on giving their customers the best products at the best prices. BabyOutlet is known for providing baby and toddler clothes in soft materials, cute designs, and all sizes.

The first time I visited their website, I was amazed by a huge range of adorable and stylish clothes with no logos or pithy statements. Not to mention their unique collection for each season. And, you would be happy to know that all of their products are available in multiple different color options and followed by a specific sizing guide. In fact, I just purchased 2 winter coats for my toddler boy right before his 3rd birthday this November. 

Products Reviews

Here are a few items I bought from BabyOutlet and what I think about them after letting my kids wear them for a period of time.

Casual Solid Long-Sleeved Jumpsuit Review

This is by far the best baby jumpsuit for newborns and babies I’ve ever seen. In almost every category, it is just perfect. Honestly, I still keep the jumpsuit even after my son outgrew it so I can give it to his 1-month-old sister. And, guess what? The jumpsuit is still great and super-comfortable for her. Even after a lot of wear and washing, it looked just as good as the day I bought it. I purchased it 2 years ago for $22 during one of their sales. So, I guess that’s a pretty good deal for many years of use!

Toddler Color Blocking Cardigan Review

Aside from my son’s jumpsuit, here is his favorite toddler winter sweater that I just bought for him last Christmas. The cardigan is cute, made for play, and very cozy. They use 100% organic cotton for their clothes. And, I have to say their cotton garments are really well-made and definitely of great quality. Reasonably priced, warm, and good-looking, I believe this one should be a staple for every kids’ wardrobe!

White Lace Flutter Sleeve Romper Dress Review

Living in Florida during summer means that sometimes the weather is just too hot for my baby girl. Therefore, I need base layer clothes that are cute and breathable enough to keep her cool and comfortable when sleeping. And, to prove how breathable this garment is, it was the only romper that can give her a good night’s sleep without making her sweat.

Shopping Experiences 

My first order on BabyOutlet was actually delivered quite fast. It only took around 2 days to process and a week to ship to Florida. Also, the purchasing steps are super simple with a very user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, the next one isn’t that quick. But, to be fair, their customer support did call me and apologized for their delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides that, I remember getting canceled one of my orders because it was top-selling and got out of stock pretty quickly. Right away, they sent me an order canceled notification with 3 solutions for this. And, of course, I went for a full refund to my original payment method. Just being offered money back on the spot gave me an even better impression and I decided to stick with the brand since then. So, A+ for customer service!

Additionally, you can reduce or minimize fading BabyOutlet garments through proper care. Simply follow the care label instruction and your kid’s clothes will last forever!

What I Like About BabyOutlet

  • Great-quality. Soft and made of natural materials are common features of BabyOutlet clothes. While we all know that garments can fade over time, their cotton fabric is super soft yet does not pill easily. Even when compared to other leading brands, you can feel the fabrics are pretty much the same.
  • Sales & Discounts. I love how this brand always has sales and discounts (sometimes to 50%) for each season and almost every holiday. Take advantage of these sales and stock up baby clothes without hurting your budget.
  • Durability. Their clothes are made to last, allowing them to be passed down to the next generation. This not only helps you save money in the long run but also minimizes the impact on the environment.
  • Affordability. For baby and toddler clothes, BabyOutlet’s options only have a fraction of the prices from other popular brands. For instance, basic items like a toddler jacket are only between $20-23 at BabyOutlet while it usually costs you around $50-60 if purchased from a leading brand.

The Verdict

Well, even though their performance may not compare to famous children’s boutique brands, BabyOutlet is clearly a great option for stoking up children’s clothes without hurting your budget. Honestly, I am more than happy to let my kids continue using their products. The quality, style, and durability are unbeatable at such a great price! 

I truly believe that BabyOutlet is one of the most underrated brands for children’s clothing recently. So, if you’re looking for a baby clothing brand, why not visit BabyOulet collections and give it a try. 

Hopefully, this review has given you everything you need to start investing in good-quality baby and toddler clothes this season.

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