What to Do with Toddler Clothes Once They Have Outgrown them

What to Do with Toddler Clothes Once They Have Outgrown them

One of the most enjoyable parts of parenting, especially for a mother, is getting to dress your kids up in all kinds of adorable outfits. Whether you’ve got a son or a daughter, there are tons of fun when shopping for toddler clothes all year round. However, kids tend to outgrow their clothes almost as quickly as you can buy them. So, here is our guide for what to do with toddler clothes once they have outgrown them.

Turn Them Into Toys

Even though toys are probably the best part of childhood for most kids, they can be quite costly to parents. According to research, on average, parents spend over $6000 on toys for their kids. So, to save you some money and make good use of your kids’ discarded clothing, try making some DIY toys from them. From stuffed animals made out of old baby onesies to a sock puppet, you are only limited by your own imagination!

Use Them To Clean

In order to keep your house neat and tidy, cleaning rags are absolutely necessary. But, instead of spending money on buying flimsy rags from the store, simply use your child’s old clothes! If you think it’s too big, simply cut them into squares for better storage and maintenance. Besides, doing this method also helps you clean better because most kid’s clothes are made of cotton, which is better than any synthetic materials.

Stitch Them Into a New Pet Bed

If you have a pet, then making a pet bed could be the best way to utilize your kids’ old clothing. Even though this task may sound a bit too much, there are tons of online resources that walk you through the process. You not only create a new comfy bed for your dog but also not throw any good clothes in the process. Additionally, we also recommend that you use your toddler boy clothes to stuff the bed after you finish making one instead of store-bought cotton.

Repurpose for other Kids or Gift Them to Family Members

“Giving” is one of the easiest ways to reuse old clothes! While it’s normal for toddlers to get tear up some of their clothes in rough play, you will find that most of their outgrown clothes are still in good shape. For moms who have more than one kid, you can sort out some of your children’s old clothing and let their siblings use it. If that is not the case, then you can give them to family members. Also, make sure you have told them that the clothes have been worn by your child. You’d be surprised at how grateful new parents are when receiving baby clothes (even the old ones). After all, it’s one less expense they have to worry about!

Create Halloween Costumes

Aside from pumpkins, scary movies, and candy, one of the best traditions for Halloween is to go trick or treat. And, your kids always need new costumes for that activity every Halloween. So, there’s no better way for you to save money than making easy DIY Halloween outfits from your kids’ old clothes. For example, you can simply paint some t-shirts into a bee costume!

Donate Them!

You can also donate your kid’s outgrown clothing that you do not need anymore. Especially if you’re a working mom, you may find that you simply don’t have enough time for any cleaning or sewing projects mentioned above. Therefore, instead of throwing old clothes in a storeroom, try dropping them off at your local Goodwill. Just make sure that the clothes you have picked are still in good shape.

It is a shame if letting those old clothing be tossed while they’re still in wonderful condition. By “recycling” your kid’s old clothes with our ways, you are doing the environment a big favor!

Bonus tip: While shopping for toddler clothes, pick something one size bigger. This saves money and time of thinking about where to donate or sell your kids’ old clothing.

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